My Favorite Hobby Cooking


This looks Cray but don't worry. That doesn't happen in my kitchen

I enjoy cooking. For Thanksgiving I'm going to cook turkey, sweet , greens, macaroni and cheese.
I bought my groceries from Winndixie and saved some money. I also saw my Cousin as I was in the checkout line. She made my day even better.
I saw the corn bread was buy 2 for $1 so guess how much I bought? TWO.

I will start cooking tomorrow night after school. I am going to cook enough for my Dad and I
and also my family who will come over and pick up a plate of food. Cooking to me is relaxing.
It's like art, I get to create something out of love that I can share with people
who I love. I am Thankful for a lot.

Healthy Cooking Thanksgiving Recipes.